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Bahariya Oasis and White Desert From Hurghada

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Duration: 72 h
Type: Private
State: Hurghada
Runs: Daily
Starting Time: 03:00 AM

This is a very special excursion and is offered privately with a maximum of 5 to 6 people. You will be picked up from your hotel by one of our German-speaking guides at 3:00 a.m. You drive in a comfortable air-conditioned small bus, your driver is an experienced driver and will drive you safely through Egypt for three days. Our journey begins with the trip to Cairo. Enjoy the drive past villages and the desert, of course a little break is also planned. Our schedule of the fantastic excursion looks like this.


  • Spend the night in the White Desert
  • climb the Black Mountain
  • Visit the Crystal Mountain


Once in Cairo we visit the pyramids of Giza, they are among the best known and oldest preserved buildings of mankind. They are on the western edge of the Nile Valley. The pyramid field of Giza was an important cemetery since the 1st dynasty. The pyramids of Giza were built between 2620 and 2500 BC in the 4th dynasty. The largest and by far the most famous pyramid is that of Pharaoh Cheops, who reigned around 2620 to 2580 BC. The Cheops pyramid was built from around 3 million stone blocks. The middle pyramid is that of Pharaoh Chephren, who ruled from 2558 to 2532 BC. The smallest of the three pyramids is that of Pharaoh Mykerinos, who ruled from around 2532 to 2503 BC. Enjoy a wonderful view from the pyramid plateau over Cairo. Afterwards we visit the Sphinx. The Giza sphinx represents a lying lion with a human head and was probably built in the 4th dynasty around 2520 to 2494 BC. The Sphinx has been rising from the sand of the Egyptian desert for more than four millennia. It was carved out of the rest of a limestone hill that served as a quarry for the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Next to the Sphinx is the valley temple of Chephren, which is made of the same stone. Then we visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is the world's largest museum of ancient Egyptian art. It is located on Al Tahirr Square in downtown Cairo and was built in 1900. The opening took place in 1902. The exhibition extends over two floors with over 100 halls. You can see jewelry of Queen Ahhotep I. Mummies of the pharaohs of the new empire. Gifts from the royal tombs and artifacts from royal tombs and of course much more. Here in the museum too, your guide will feed you his knowledge and explain everything to you well. After lunch you have time to relax in your hotel. In the late afternoon you have the opportunity to admire the sound and light show at the pyramids for an extra charge. For your dinner it is of course also ensured that you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in your hotel. Good night ...... On the second day after breakfast our way leads us to the beautiful Bahariya oasis and the white desert. Bahariya Oasis is one of the five major inhabited sinks in the Egyptian part of the Lebanese Desert. It is located about 370 kilometers south of Cairo. Since 45 AD, the valley has been known as the oasis parva (small oasis). Bahariya has been documented since the Neolithic, the valley is surrounded by mountains and numerous springs. In 2007 settlement remains were found that can be dated to the old empire. The depression had been under the ancient Egyptian rule since the Middle Kingdom. Christians already lived here in Roman times from around the 4th century AD, Christianity did not go out until the beginning of the 18th century when the last Christian converted to Islam. The valley has been under Egyptian administration since the 19th century and has to be built by taxes. In 1999 new finds from the valley of the golden mummies were officially presented. A team discovered about 230 mummies in about 15 tombs from the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. The cemetery is estimated to include around 10 thousand burials. After this very interesting tour we continue to the white desert. The white desert is about 420 kilometers southwest of Cairo. The core area of ​​the white desert covers about 12 × 12 kilometers and is known for its limestone formations, which make it a natural sculpture park. In 2002 the white desert was declared a national park. Sights include the 2000 year old acacia, the crystal mountain and the cave of Djara. Here in the white desert we will spend the night in tents. Enjoy the spectacular atmosphere in the desert at night, enjoy a wonderful evening with good food and entertainment with us and your fellow travelers. The next morning after breakfast it's time for fun and we drive an SUV across the dunes of the white desert. At noon we start our journey back home to Hurghada and we will take you back to your hotel after these three wonderful days. We the Zakharious team have been specializing in trips to Egypt with German guests for many years, which is why all of our travel guides are German-speaking and Egyptologists. Our drivers are also very safe and local employees of the Zakharious team. If you have any wishes or problems on your trip, please contact your tour guide.


  • Competent German speaking Egyptologist
  • Visits to the Crystal Mountain
  • Visit to the Bahariya Oasis
  • Visits to the white desert
  • Visitas a Black Mountain
  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza
  • Visit to the Sphinx
  • Visit to the valley temple of Chephren
  • Visit to the Egyptian National Museum
  • Camping accommodation in the White Desert with full board
  • Local guided tour of the Bahariya Oasis with a private jeep BBQ
  • Dinner in the desert 3 bottles of mineral water (1.5 liters) + 2 soft drinks per person in the desert
  • Safari in the white desert by private jeep 4x4 (only guests of your tour group) American tents, sleeping bags,
  • Safari equipment and jeep 4x4
  • Entrance fees
  • Service fee and taxes
  • Transfers Hurghada / Cairo / Bahariya / Cairo / Hurghada


  • personal items
  • Tips

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