How to secure your booking:

With your travel registration you offer us the conclusion of a travel contract. The travel contract is concluded when we accept the registration. On acceptance, for which no further form is required, we accept your contract and confirm it by sending the invoice and the travel itinerary.


After our order confirmation, you pay the down payment shown in the amount of 25% of the travel price. During the Christmas period, New Year's Eve and Easter, the down payment to be made comprises 50% of the travel price. If your trip includes a flight, 50% of the travel price is always due as a deposit.

Changes by the customer:

Depending on availability, you can also change the original booking. If the trip has already been paid for in full and / or a voucher has been issued, there are no additional costs. For trips that include a flight, there are always additional costs for rebooking.

Payment modalities:

For cashless payments, please send us a copy of your passport, otherwise the bank will not pay us your deposit. This is necessary to prove to the Egyptian banks that the payment is actually intended for us and is not for money laundering. The copy can be sent by fax or e-mail or you can hand the copy over to our representative.

You have 4 payment options:

1. Credit cards (Visa, master card)

If you choose the credit card as the payment method, we will send you the link to a secure server. Here please select the link and follow the payment steps given.

2. PayPal

After the transfer has been made, please send us a copy of your transfer in addition to your passport copy so that our bank can verify the legal deposit.

3. Bank transfer:

After the transfer has been made, please send us a copy of your transfer in addition to your passport copy so that our bank can verify the legal deposit.

4. Payment in monthly installments:

Zakharious Tours offers you the option to pay for tours, Nile cruises and travel packages in up to 6 installments. The last installment can be paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival.

Please let us know the preferred payment method!

Your tour is only booked with the first receipt of payment. With the first receipt of payment, you will receive your binding travel confirmation with all the details of your booking by email, no later than 30 days before departure.

Cancellation by the customer:

You can withdraw at any time before the start of the journey. The receipt of the written declaration of withdrawal by us is decisive. If you withdraw from the contract or do not start the trip, cancellation fees will be incurred, which we will withhold from the payments made for our expenses and expenses. In the event of force majeure or a withdrawal for which you are not responsible, no cancellation costs apply.

In addition, there are cancellation fees within Egypt. If you want to cancel a tour, the respective airline's cancellation policy will be taken into account if your trip includes one or more flights.

The flat-rate claims for cancellation fees are:

The trip can be canceled at any time. The receipt of your written cancellation by us is decisive.

In the event of cancellation, the following cancellation costs apply:

14 days to 11 days before departure, 25% of the travel price + possibly 6% bank charges

10 days to 8 days before departure, 50% of the travel price + possibly 6% bank charges

7 days to 5 days before departure, 75% of the travel price + possibly 6% bank charges

From 4 days before departure, 100% of the travel price

In the event of no-show, there will be no refund of the travel price

There are no cancellation costs in the event of force majeure


If a travel service is not provided in accordance with the contract, you can request compensation. We are entitled to remedy the situation by providing an equivalent or higher-quality replacement service. However, we can refuse the remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort. After the traveler, you can claim a corresponding reduction in the travel price if the travel services were not provided in accordance with the contract and you made the notification on site. Our tour guide is not authorized to recognize claims.


The travel programs were provided with average prices and approximate times of the flights. Inquiries for specific flight times and changes to flights that have already been booked can lead to a change in the total price of the trip.


We only act as a travel agency, whether by train, boat, plane or other means of transport and assume no liability for injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, delays, damage to objects, directly or indirectly caused by